Start Your Own Business via Network Marketing

What is Network Marketing?

Network marketing, also known as Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), is a kind of marketing that relies on people to personally sell products to earn money through commission. A member uses their network of friends and family to find possible customers and recruits.

This form of business can be a great way for people to become their own boss with very little to no financial investment, as one would already be selling a product or a business that already exists. As a member, you would only need to focus on making sales and depending on the company, later recruiting others to join for your increased success.

Why Join a Network Marketing Company?

People choose to join a network marketing company for various reasons. Some want to make an additional income to help meet needs while others join because they like the products and benefits the company offers. Whatever your reason may be for joining, choose a company whose values you are aligned with, and whose products you believe in so you find it that much easier to make sales.

So once you’ve joined a network marketing company what’s next? Below are a few steps to ensure you make your first sale in no time.

1. Be Well-Informed and Believe in Your Product or Company

Networking marketing relies on people selling a product to others, usually starting with friends and family, so the product you are selling them must be of great quality as you would like to keep their trust. Take the time to research the company and the product and ask all the necessary questions you may have as well as the questions a potential customer may have. These questions may be about delivery terms and conditions, how to use and get the most of the product, how to maintain it for the longest period etc.

Identify all the benefits and features of your product to inform your potential customers. Remember that you are providing a solution to their problem, so sell that solution well. In the example of WUKINA, let your customers know that the hair extensions can last for over a year or longer as opposed to installing weaves and extensions that need replacement every few weeks, thus saving them money in the longer run. Informing potential customers of features and benefits applies to the sale of any product or service.

2. Use or Wear Your Product

One of the easiest ways to acquire potential customers is by simply displaying or using the product you sell. If it is a cosmetic product you’re promoting, use the lipstick you’re trying to sell to people, if it’s a household item, use that item in your own home. In the case of WUKINA, we make this easy by allowing you to purchase any one of our Starter Kits. This will make your sales pitch more authentic and you will also gain personal acquaintance of the product as a user. If you are able to give away free samples or carry a display sample with you, do so. You are more likely to make your first sale through a physical sample as it validates the quality of the product and wearing or using that product promotes your business and gives it more visibility.

3. Market Your Product

In network marketing, leads are potential customers and you can only find leads if you advertise your product. The more leads you find, the more you increase your chances of making sales. There are many ways you can find new leads, and you should use various strategies to attract the largest market possible.

• Social Media: This is basically free and a great way to let people know what you have to offer. Make sure to use good quality pictures and videos and engage with your customers often, asking them questions and making them feel part of your community. We recommend starting with an Instagram page and or a Facebook page.

• WhatsApp is also a great option, where you can send broadcast messages as well as post on WhatsApp stories. Remember to remain consistent and creative and be careful not to spam or come off as too overbearing when people show no interest.

• Calling or Messaging: This is a great way to follow up on potential leads. When you call or text, have a pitch or a message already prepared and use this opportunity to offer something like a promotion or discount. Even if a person may not be interested at one point, send them one or two reminders afterward, and if the interaction is positive, they will remember you when they are ready or have an occasion that requires your product.

• Personal Interaction. Word-of-mouth and personal interaction are some of the best ways salespeople make sales as they are creating a personal connection with the customer. Always have your business cards on you and be ready to talk about your product.

4. Close Your Lead / Make The Sale

Once you have gotten the interest of someone, be sensitive to them. Take note of the dates they are willing to make a payment, answer their questions thoroughly and if need be, ask them if they need help with purchasing. Some people might not be comfortable with making purchases online, give them options to make them more comfortable. You can either call them and guide them step-by-step through the website or through the channel you distribute your products through. Others may even prefer to send you money to make the purchase on their behalf.

Remember to keep communicating with them, if you need to make a personal delivery, set this up in advance and keep good communication. If the order will be shipped to them, check to see if they’ve received any delivery information after a day or two from purchase. Once they’ve received their order, it’s always good to check up on them and answer any questions they may have concerning their purchase. A customer that is well-taken care of and has a positive experience, is more likely to become a returning one and will also serve as a salesperson for you.

A lot of success can be achieved from Network Marketing, but it will take some time and effort from your behalf. Remember this is the same as starting your own business as you are responsible for finding customers and serving them.